PDC’s Peter Blinston delivers a special presentation to the IMS team

Long-time supporter of the Painted Dog Conservation (PDC), IMS proudly hosted its Executive Director, Peter Blinston, as he spoke about the organisation’s important work towards protecting one of Africa’s most unique species.

With only an estimated 7,000 left in the wild, Peter spoke to the IMS team and guests about PDC’s mission to protect and increase the number of this endangered species through a range of conservation efforts and programs.

Based in Zimbabwe, home to one of Africa’s largest painted dog populations, PDC work closely with the local community to directly reduce the greatest threats to the dogs which include hunting, poachers’ snares and road kills.

However, its PDC’s conservation and education programs combined with support from the local community, industry bodies, donors and volunteers, which ensure the long term survival of PDC’s important vision for this incredible species.

Interested to know more about the Painted Dog Conservation? Visit www.painteddog.org and learn how you can become involved in helping to protect these much loved dogs.