To help you understand what is required to operate your business as a Partnership (that is a partnership NOT with limited liability) we have listed the tax and accounting responsibilities. IMS provides a full range of services to cover all of these areas.

If you are or want to be no more than two partners and employees of your Partnership with no more than two invoices per week the standard tariff of fees will apply. In all cases you should contact us for the appropriate registration forms and non-standard tariff fees will be quoted on request.

  • Formation and set up of basic Partnership
  • Self Assessment (Partners’ Individual Tax Returns)
  • Assistance with opening a business bank account
  • 64-8 (Acting as the Partnership’s Agent)
  • Tax and Partnership administration advice
  • Accountant Reference letter (Visas, Mortgages, Tenancy)
  • Registration of PAYE scheme, PAYE/NI Calculation
  • Preparation and filing of PAYE Returns (P60, P11D’s) and supplementary pages (SA104)
  • Invoicing
  • Payroll
  • Partnership Return (SA800)

Benefit from the tax planning and managing options available as partners of your own Limited Liability Partnership. Contact Income Made Smart to help you understand requirements, responsibilities and the benefits of operating your business in an incorporated partnership.

Partnership Services and Fees Guide

All the partnership requirements and partnership tax returns, as listed below, are serviced for a weekly fee.

How to register and get started

1. Prepare documents to complete our Partnership Know Your Client form

Aside from the standard information, we require proof of residence and proof of identity of which a passport and a utility bill respectively are sufficient documents.

2. Register by completing our Know Your Client Form

You can complete our online KYC form here.

3. We’ll contact you and complete any arrangements