Your workplace pension duties

The law has changed and employers are now required to automatically enrol certain staff into a workplace pension.

What does this mean for you?

As an employee, your employer may automatically enrol you into a workplace pension to help you save for your retirement. Your workplace pension belongs to you and the regulator helps ensuring your pension is protected.

If you’re an employer, The Pensions Regulator has or is going to send you a letter asking you to nominate an appropriate contact. They will inform you of your new duties relating to workplace pensions and will then issue a series of communications detailing the implementation and requirements. You must act on this letter.

The Pensions Regulator has a fantastic e-brochure at

These duties may not apply to you if you or your company are not considered an employer, e.g. you may no longer be trading or you may be the only director of a company with no employees. You can tell the regulator that you are not an employer here at

You can contact The Pensions Regulator at or call them on 0845 600 1011 for guidance.